"There’s Ward again, talking over the only student of color in his class (Cesar J. Rosado as Zorick, the most genuinely good-natured of the bunch)..."
-New York Magazine (Vulture)


"The most delicate performance comes from Mr. Rosado, whether Danilo is exulting over a sonogram of his unborn child or raging at Xiomara, who has moved up ever so slightly in the world and swiftly forgotten what it was like to toil down below."


"...the hilariously mellow cool dude (Cesar J. Rosado)..."

"Cesar J. Rosado as Danilo was great at driving the plot line forward and brought the “community” into the work space. He epitomized the tight bonds between families in the neighborhood beautifully. Rosado gave us a nurturing father as well as a volatile opponent when under pressure. He is a talented actor able to play support with sensitivity."
-New York Theater Guide